Alt-Right vs Antifa: Who’s winning?

josh-renew-lulz (“Antifa” is short for “anti-fascist”)

You may remember Josh Steffler from when he crashed the Women’s March in January, or when he invited a noted white supremacist to speak at a “Free Speech” rally, or maybe you’ve seen his wingnut video talk show. We should note that he is also the deputy leader of the Libertarian Party of BC, apparently.

Josh and his buddies published a couple videos complaining that volunteers with Anti-Racist Action stopped them disrupting the Women’s March. Apparently we violated their god-given rights to yell and spit at women and try to push us around.

Welcome to the discourse! We really hope Josh runs for MLA this year. We’re going to have some laughs.

Postscript: Of course the Libertarian Party of BC is a joke, an impotent alt-right men’s club devoid of any actual libertarian philosophy. But they are part of a social contagion spreading hatred based on gender, skin colour, and national origin. This is where fascism comes from. Trump was a joke too – but he wormed his way into power.

Sure, this group is only a dozen people, maybe two – but putting their stupidity on display helps inoculate people ahead of time instead of waiting until it’s too late.


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